Thursday, March 22, 2007

Signs of Spring

Spring. The word itself evokes thoughts of flowers blooming, birds chirping, children playing, and of course, baseball. Today I shot my first baseball game of the season, Monmouth University's home opener against St. Peter's. The weather cooperated, too, as I didn't even need to wear a jacket. Nice.

Not two innings into the game came my first scare of the season. You guessed it. I'd chosen a spot down the third base line, just past the visitors' dugout, and of course, a screaming foul ball comes within inches of my knee, hitting my bag with a loud crack! (I hope my flash still works!) Everyone thought it'd hit me, too. (And boy do I hate being the center of attention.) At least the umps didn't ask me to leave the field, though as soon as the inning ended I found a new spot, protected by the netting behind home plate.

I'm still rusty with my baseball shooting. Besides the fact that it's been, oh, at least six months since I've last shot baseball, I find that it's my toughest sport to shoot because it's my favorite to watch, and sometimes I find myself watching when I should be shooting. I've really got to change that. Anyway, my assignment today read, "We need pix of any Monmouth University pitchers who play while you are there." Well, okay, that took all of the top of the first inning. Monmouth's pitcher lasted at least the next five innings, so I spent the rest of my time shooting game action (I was underwhelmed with my results) until I had to leave the game for another assignment.

I still may be rusty with my baseball shooting, but after shooting indoor sports all winter, working in the warm sun (I may have even gotten a little bit of color!) was a very welcomed change!

Coming soon: The Asbury Park Press Battle of the Pet Photographers!

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