Sunday, May 06, 2007

School Bus Road-E-O!

Today (yesterday, technically) I shot a "Road-E-O" (Get it? "Rodeo?") for NJ school bus drivers. It certainly was something I'd never shot before. Bus drivers from around the state competed in an obstacle course set up in the parking lot of Six Flags Great Adventure's Hurricane Harbor. I got the opportunity to ride along with a bus driver from the Matawan-Aberdeen School District, as well as walk out onto the course to make photos, but my favorite image from the event was just this detail shot of some of the buses lined up, ready to head out into competition.

Just something a little different. In retrospect, I wish there was somebody in between the buses, doing something... or even just standing there. But looking at it now, it probably does need a person in it. Or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself; I am my own toughest critic. Until next time...

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