Friday, May 04, 2007

New Strategy

So what I'm gonna do from now on to keep this photo blog thing going is post my favorite photo from my day, every day. Most likely it will be from work, but sometimes it won't be ... and on my days off where I don't take any photos, well, if I have something to talk about I will, and if not, I won't. :)

This photo was taken tonight at a high school prom for special needs students, thrown by members of various school clubs and organizations. It really was an emotional event, but because of my deadlines I was able to stay only about 20 minutes. A real shame, because there was some nice light coming in through the windows, and the kids were all having a blast. But deadlines are deadlines.

What I tried to get was something that looked like any other prom (flowers, dancing, etc.) while just hinting that there was something a little different going on at the same time. This isn't exactly what I'd envisioned, but I think it's a success, especially considering my time constraint.

On a side note, I placed second again in the SportsShooter Monthly Clip Contest! Again, in the news category. This is the image, entitled "Vigil for a Teammate." If I never have to shoot another accident/vigil/funeral for a high school student, it'll be too soon.

Until tomorrow...

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