Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bigfoot Skins Match (Archery)

These guys are just awesome.

This (above) is world-class archer Dave Cousins. (Someone at the meet told me he's the #1 ranked archer in the world, but I didn't get any confirmation on that since it wasn't really pertinent to the story.) It's awesome to watch these guys hit targets the size of half-dollars from 80-yards away. Just awesome. Here are some more images from the Black Knights Bowbenders archery range.

This last image is from a local church's Hispanic-American festival I covered earlier in the day. In the vat are various parts of various pigs that will be used in various ethnic dishes. I'm sure the dishes taste just fine, but the entire area smelled like ... well, let's just say it smelled bad, and attracted many flies. Made a neat image though.

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