Friday, October 26, 2007

Breeders' Cup (Day 1)

Day one of Breeders' Cup weekend at Monmouth Park was a wet one. Not just rain, but mud, too. To photograph the turf races, the photographers have to walk across the dirt track (mud track) to the rail of the turf track. I was unprepared. My new sneakers are probably toast. But man was it fun! (On my way home I stopped at an Eastern Mountain Sports (Right on Route 35 in Eatontown, directly on my way home! Well done!) and picked up waterproof boots and pants covers... watch tomorrow be 70 degrees and sunny. The forecast does call for more wind and rain, though.) So here are some images.

(The first image is the start of the last race. It was so dark by post-time (I was shooting 1/500 at f2.8 at ISO 1000) so I figured at the start of the race I'd take the slower shutter speed to an extreme and see what happened. It actually ended up being my favorite shot from the entire day.)

The next image is of the photo dungeon, or workroom, they have us set up in. It's funny, the press box for the writers is a large, beautiful, catered affair, all the way at the top of the grandstand, and we photographers are hidden away in the basement (I'll take some shots of the path we have to take to get there tomorrow) and given box lunches. I kid you not. Box lunches. And when I put my bag down (as much a cliche as this sounds, I swear I'm not making it up) a roach scurried out from beneath it... Needless to say, I dined with our writers. :)

On our way out the rain got even harder, so I grabbed another shot just for fun. says more of the same for tomorrow. At least tomorrow I'll be prepared.

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