Friday, February 22, 2008


I love how it's a giant news story when it snows. In the middle of winter. Imagine that, snow during February. It wasn't even an inordinate amount of snow, yet my paper sent the entire photo force out and created multiple photo galleries filled with pictures of kids playing and adults shoveling, as though this is something foreign that never happens. And FOX5 News had at least 5 reporters who all said the same thing. "It's cold, it's snowing, be careful while driving, and now back to the studio!" which, of course, didn't take into account the 15 weather reports we were subjected to over the course of the 1-hour newscast. It's like nothing else goes on around here when it snows...

Anyway, I'm still recovering from the flu, so while the rest of my family played in the snow, (and Evan for his very first time!) I didn't leave the garage for more than 30 seconds at a clip. Evan, Staci and Mocha got to have all the fun, though I did get to take their pictures!

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