Friday, April 20, 2007

Evan's Audition...

So yesterday Staci took Evan into the city for a look-see (apparently this is modeling industry lingo for "audition") for Fisher-Price, and they called us back last night and said that Evan made it into "round two" of the auditions. So today, back into New York we went, this time all three of us, for his call-back, or second audition. Evan had a blast. While we were waiting for them to call us in, he ran around the waiting room, played with other babies, and with me and Staci, and with anything else in the room that looked like fun.

Once we got called in, we couldn't have been in there for longer than five minutes. They had him sit and smile into a video camera, then walk from left to right for the video camera, and then finally play with a toy, you guessed it, also in front of the video camera. The woman running the thing was very nice, and said that Evan was a pleasure to work with, though I bet she says that to all of the parents whose babies don't spend the entire time screaming. Oh, and of course, being the photographer that I am, I had to snap a frame or two of the whole process with our point-and-shoot camera.

Anyway, they haven't called us back yet... and probably won't. The important thing is that Evan (and Staci and I) had a great time in New York. Would we do this again? Absolutely.

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