Saturday, April 21, 2007


Last night (4/20) I shot the candlelight vigil for a young woman from our area, Julia Pryde, who was killed in the VaTech shooting. These are never fun, although I will say that her friends really tried to keep positive even through their tears, remembering all the good times and funny moments they shared together. Even her closest friends and family couldn't help but laugh at some of the funny stories that were told. "She's probably looking down at us right now and laughing," one of her friends said. I've gotta give them credit. I don't know how positive I'd be if this affected me so closely.

I've shot a lot of vigils already this year. Three separate car accidents involving teenage fatalities, and now this. It never gets any easier. Very, very sad.

The rest of today's post will be images from last night.

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