Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sports! Lots of Sports!

My video training is finally over and I'm back to shooting mostly stills. The next time I pick up a video camera will be my first real video job. I really have no problems using the camera or the microphones or the software, but what I am concerned about is my ability to use video to tell a good story. That part you can't really get from training. Only time will tell.

Anyway, now that my video training is, in fact, over, I spent the last three days of my week (Thursday-Saturday) shooting sports. Actually, Thursday and Saturday I shot sports. Both of my Friday sports assignments were canceled by lousy weather. That was disappointing.

Man am I still rusty. Shot lacrosse on Thursday and high school baseball (in a minor league ballpark, First Energy Park) on Saturday. I got one shot that I liked on Thursday, and nothing Saturday. Hopefully there's more baseball coming my way. I love the sport so damn much, and it kills me that it's my worst to shoot.

On Friday night, a group of us from the Press got together to send off one of our photographers, who decided to jump ship for after 15 years of shooting. Our loss is PhotoShelter's gain. The gathering was somewhat of a downer, too. Aside from the fact that we're losing a great shooter, to hear the stories of how the Press used to operate, especially with regards to their sports coverage, really made me realize that I got into this business ten years too late. The year before I signed on there was the last season they covered any MLB, and of course, it culminated in the Mets/Yankees World Series. Now, the Mets could be playing the Yankees at First Energy Park and we wouldn't bother sending anyone. "That's what the AP's for, right?" ...sigh... We do (for now) still cover the NFL, so I can only hope that if one of our teams (Jets/Giants) reaches the Super Bowl, we'd send someone. It wouldn't even have to be me. I'm just holding out hope that it could still happen. (Though while I am holding out hope, I'm not holding my breath.)

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired (and I could rant like this until the sun comes up) so I'm gonna call it a night. Now that my video training is over and I'm back to shooting mostly stills, I'm gonna try and update more often. For the whole two of you who are actually reading this. Until next time...

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